An Introduction To DFG Binding Machines

An Introduction To DFG Binding Machines

Even if you're new to bookbinding, you've probably heard of a few of the companies that manufacture binding equipment. For example, companies like Akiles, Fellowes, and GBC are known for producing a variety of office devices. There's also a newer company out there that deserves a look: Digital Finishing Group, also known as DFG. This company hasn't been around for very long, but they're already making a name for themselves thanks to their great products that happen to be exceptionally durable. Here's a short introduction to some of the devices they make.

Plastic comb binders. Plastic combs have been used for years to create professional-looking documents. They're easy to use, can bind books containing more than 400 pages, and you can even have your company's named printed on them. DFG makes some machines compatible with these supplies including the Titan, a heavy-duty device that can punch up to 28 sheets at once. This is an all-metal binder that is completely durable and it comes with a one-year warranty. If you'd prefer an electric device, the E Titan is what you need. It has the same punching capacity as the Titan, and it comes with disengageable dies so you can work with different lengths of paper. Both of these binders are very durable and are perfect for daily use.

Twin-loop wire binders. DFG makes ejemplo de monografía en word some really excellent wire binding machines so you should definitely take a look at what's available if this bookbinding method interests you. As with their comb binders, DFG makes both manual and electric devices. One of the manual machines is the Titan Wire, a device that comes in two different versions: 2:1 and 3:1 pitch. These devices can bind medium-sized documents and they can be used for medium-sized documents. For heavy-duty use, the E Titan Wire offers efficient operation and the ability to punch up to 20 sheets at once. (Again, it's available for the two different pitches.) Both devices have the TurboPunch feature so they're great if you need your paper to be cleanly punched.

Color coil binders. DFG makes a number of color coil binders and thus, they're a great name to choose if you're interesting in coil color binding. The Office Ecoil EC1000 is a small yet durable device that's ideal for offices in which people want to bind their own documents. Another office device is the PC200E which has an electric coil inserter to make your job a lot easier. A more advanced machine is the TitanCoil T3 is one of the company's most impressive products with a 30-sheet punching capacity, disengageable dies, and all-metal construction. This is the machine to get if you bind a lot of books and need something that can keep up with you.

From reading this article, it's clear that DFG makes some excellent binding machines even if they're not yet as well-known as their competitors. The company makes devices that are well-crafted and compatible with some of today's most popular binding supplies. You can't go wrong with a DFG binder, so check them out today.